In June we played the last smash hit from the innovative game forge Thunderkick and found it good. Now the next masterpiece comes along. It listens to the simple name Zoom, which describes the game principle perfectly! The zoom is always used when a certain symbol on one of the – well how many are there actually? – six roles appears. What it has to do with it, you’ll find out right away!

If you’re looking for a normal slot machine here, you’re definitely wrong. But you are used to that from Thunderkick. No roll, three rolls, 5 rolls and now 6 rolls – Thunderkick doesn’t want to stick to common formats and that’s a good thing! By the concentrated innovation strength we have an interesting slot machine in the house, which we love to put through our paces!

Technical features

We first noticed the format of the slot machine. The playing field is divided into six boxes, each containing four symbols. This is interesting because it breaks the common format with 5 rows that have a small distance between each other. In total there are 24 syboles on the screen. For comparison: In an ordinary machine it is 15!

What effect does this have on the game? At first not much, because there are still rolls, at least according to the function, which let symbols scurry vertically across the screen! But then comes the first win and you ask yourself: “Why was that a win, please? Which line could I have hit?” One of a total of 64 pieces!

Experienced players know that this is a multiple of the amount that normally exists. 20 is the standard, 25 rather luxury. But it’s not always about the number of paylines, it’s also about the amount of rewards. This is high enough with the maximum bet of €100 but also high enough.

You have already looked at the machine for a few minutes and then you notice how well all this is graphically staged. A calming, almost hypnotic background includes the slot machine that glows like a Second Strike. With the fruit symbols everything looks friendly and through the effects foreground and background are welded together like two identical twins!

Bonuses and wins

The zoom factor of a camera lets the photographer shoot razor-sharp images even at a distance. The advantage for the user is obvious. But what is the advantage of the zoom feature of this slot machine?

Thunderkick likes to focus on one or two features that give the slot machine its character. Here it is obviously the zoom effect.

This effect is activated by a certain symbol, which comes along as a flashing Z. The zoom effect is a symbol of the Z-axis. This Z causes a Respin, i.e. a new spin, but the symbol turns into a four-symbol square that contains one of the six large boxes of the machine. With a little luck, you can win another prize!

The big prize waits, however, when the big brother of this massive symbol appears. The super massive symbol comprises four of the six boxes, the space of 16 symbols in total, and inevitably leads to massive winnings. Combined up to x1500 the bet can be won!