As the Softwareschmiede NetEnt wants to bring some innovations into play again? That’s a good thing, because we love variety and innovation! You too? We just assume now!

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, When Pigs Fly is an English proverb that expresses incredulity. Something like, “If you invented the vacuum cleaner, I’m the emperor of China!” Normal conversations, normal phrases!

But now to the reason why we’re here. It’s the test of NetEnts new slot machine. Of course, it comes with a fresh theme, which has been chosen very cleverly. Taking a metaphor and using it for a slot machine theme is super clever! But has the implementation also been successful and why did we talk about innovations at the beginning of this grandiose introduction? In the next two minutes you will find out!

Technical features

Technology is important! Especially in space travel everything has to work, sometimes you have to have extraordinary ideas and implement them perfectly. That’s probably what the people at NetEnt thought when they developed When Pigs Fly.

The first thing the player sees is a diamond. It consists of symbols, just like a slot machine should. But if you win for the first time after a few rounds, the diamond starts to expand. It’s a bit like blowing up a rubber glove! Little by little the fingers straighten up like the symbols in the slot machine. But one thing must never happen: You must never lose your breath! Because when that happens, the glove and the slot machine return to their original state! Tragic!

In its final stage the slot machine has a format of 5 times 5 symbols. This results in a fabulous 3125 winning chances. The secret of this number lies not only in the increased number of symbols, but also in the line mechanics. Same symbols on three or more reels from left to right represent a winning combination, no matter in which vertical arrangement!

However, the player also has to pay dearly for these great features. Per round you have to pay 50 coins. Fortunately, the coin bet starts at 0.01€ and goes up to 0.20€ and 10 levels. The maximum stake of 100€ is high enough to be able to fly financially into space if you win.

Graphically the slot machine is also galactic. The comic style is pleasing and the animations of the pig, which can be seen on the right side of the screen, are entertaining. While rotating the reels there is a glitter around the edge of the symbols and stars are visible in the background. It’s a good idea to switch the slot machine to autoplay mode and just watch the fun go on for a few rounds.

bonuses and winnings

You can certainly win a lot with When Pigs Fly! NetEnt has not only equipped the slot machine with the predictable free spins mode, but also offers a wild symbol. As you know from other NetEnt releases, they appear on reels 2 to 4 and completely replace all other symbols!

But when the pig flies into space, it becomes really lucrative. But how does it work?

The game has as mentioned an interesting game mechanics. After every win there is a Respin. This is a new shoot, which is free of charge. So basically a single free game. In contrast to many other games the winning symbols are not left on the slot. If you win in the fifth spin, 8 free spins start. Free spins are always played with the maximum number of symbols and 3125 winning combinations. Until then the automat builds up piece by piece to maximum size.

By the spendabel paying out symbols result very large profits, as for example with the When Pigs Fly symbol, which pays 1000 Coins – thus with a maximum employment €2,000. That’s not enough to buy a space shuttle, but at least you could afford an interstellar carrier pigeon.

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