So you really want to play such an old slot machine with real reels and a game manual on the machine itself? Can we understand well! That’s why we’re especially looking forward to introducing Super Nudge 6000, the classic from NetEnt!

Of course we’ll have to look at a little different standards here, because Super Nudge probably won’t be able to score with great graphics and super effects. Also with the extras we don’t expect so much now. The game design has been taken from the slot machines, as you can see in the pubs, one to one. But we’ll be surprised and have a look at the slot machine.

Technical features

In contrast to most of the slots we’re testing here, Super Nudge 6000 is a classic slot machine that shows the whole case with the payout table on it. Of course, you can’t miss the reels with the tasty fruits on them.

NetEnt has even given his new slot machine a drawn background. You are in an American nagehauchten Highway service area, can look out of the windows and watch the birds flying around. Of course only if you manage to escape the spell of the spinning reels!

The machine consists of two parts. On the one hand there are the lower rollers and three of them. There you will find all the fruits known from the well-assorted fruit dealer assortment. Some are worth more, some less, just like you are used to shopping.

As soon as you have won something with the five profit lines of the lower machine, you can switch straight to the upper reels. Multitasking is not required – the lower reels are stopped until the player either wins, or loses the win.

Super Nudge 6000 is not a machine you should just play on your mobile phone. No, you should enjoy the real vending machine feeling on the big screen. Best would be even a beamer, which projects the screen content on the wall. Then you can play together with your friends a little Nudge and be happy together!

Boni and winnings

NetEnt also knows that you always want to win a lot while playing. But the developer is so brave and puts himself on the side of the players?

It always depends on which stakes you play with. With Super Nudge 6000 you can win significantly more if you play the big bet. But again from the front to make the whole rivet and nail:

You always have two screws on which you can turn. One is the bet 1 or 10, the other is the coin value €0.10, €0,20 and €1.00. Bet 1 has a different payout than bet 10, but not ten times, but twice, unless you get the best combination on the reels, three dollar signs. Then the game is reversed and the bet 10 is worth it.

Furthermore the Nudge function of the upper reels starts only with the bet 10. With bet 1 you always stay on the lower level.

The Nudge is a function that rotates the reel one position further if it leads to a (higher) win. So it is always a tightrope act between the two heights. We would always advise our readers to play with the high stakes and keep the coin value lower.

Fun factor with the upper rollers is the crucial point!

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