ecoPayz offers all regular functions of an e-Wallet, plus the possibility to withdraw money with a prepaid debit card. It is easy to use and transactions are fast. This makes the service particularly popular. Find out more about ecoPayz now and find an online casino that offers ecoPayz.

ecoPayz casinos – which online casinos accept this payment method? – November 2019

ecoPayz is a worldwide accepted online wallet with a variety of financial services. Customers can transfer money to businesses, service providers, friends and family, deposit funds to the online casino, or receive winnings on their account and then withdraw them. The ecoCard has been in existence since 1999 and the company is based in the UK. The ecoCard is not available for American players, but for almost all other countries. In addition, seven languages and 45 currencies are supported.

ecoPayz is primarily an online wallet that must be linked to an ecoAccount. You can create this account within a few minutes via the ecoPayz website. As soon as you have registered, you can upload money to your e-wallet and make financial transactions to all ecoPayz merchants using your classic account.

How does ecoPayz?

The company ecoPayz offers different financial services, all of which have their own features and functions.

ecoAccount: The ecoAccount is a private online account within ecoPayz with which you can send money to or receive money from anyone, no matter where you are, worldwide and in 45 different currency forms. You can top up your credit at any time with the desired means of payment, and you can make payments without having to provide the recipient with bank details or personal information. You don’t even need an account to use the ecoAccount!

ecoCard: If you sign up for an ecoAccount, you can also request a MasterCard from ecoCard, which will be sent to you by post. You can top it up with your credit in the ecoAccount and then use it in the ecoPayz online casino of your choice. What makes the ecoCard so unique and popular is that you don’t need an account or a Schufa, but you can still pay anywhere with Mastercard. You can have up to three ecoCards: one for Euros, one for Pounds and one for US Dollars. You can’t swipe the card and only spend what’s on the card. This is especially useful for those who don’t always have their bankroll under control, because you can easily control what you actually spend.

ecoVirtualcard: This card is for single use only. Instead of a material card that is sent to you, you can apply online for a virtual card via your ecoAccount, which you can then use online or by telephone where MasterCard is accepted. This card expires after you have used it. Like the ecoCard, you don’t need a bank account to apply for an ecoVirtualcard, and you can get it in euros, pounds or US dollars.

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