overview of the most important Blackjack tables, introduction to Blackjack strategy and tips and tricks for the card game and an interactive trainer – we teach you the basic rules you need to master to play profitable Blackjack.

Blackjack Strategy Table

For those in a hurry, we have prepared the correct Blackjack strategy in simple tables. We distinguish between two different rule variants: Dealer pulls at Soft 17 and Dealer stands at Soft 17. For both variants you should play Blackjack with the strategy of the following table (regardless of how many decks you play). How to read the tables is explained in detail below.

How to read these Blackjack Strategy Tables?

The Blackjack Tables above explain how the mathematically optimal Blackjack strategy works.

  • What variant is played?There are various rules in Blackjack that are applied in casinos that apply different rules in Blackjack. For our strategy tables we distinguish between two basic variants: The dealer draws at soft 17 (“Hits on soft 17”) and The dealer stands at soft 17 (“Stands on soft 17”). In the first variant, the dealer still has to draw cards with a hand like A-6, but not with the other. Depending on the hand, the strategies for the player vary slightly. Other variations (such as when doubling is allowed, whether doubling is allowed after splits or when the player may give up) have no influence on the strategy, or are already recorded in the tables.
  • What kind of hand does the player have?
    • Hart: A hand without an ace or a hand where an ace can only be counted as 1 (e.g. 8-4 – 12 points or 3-6-4-Ass – 14 points)
    • Soft: A hand with an ace where the ace can be judged as 1 or 11 (like 7-Ace – 8 / 18 points or 3-2-Ace – 6 / 16 points)
    • Pair: A hand with two cards of identical rank (such as lady lady or 8-8)
  • What hand does the dealer have?
    The dealer’s first card is always visible in Blackjack and is critical to the player’s strategy.
  • Mathematically perfect move
    With this information the mathematically perfect strategy can be taken from the table. What the individual fields mean is listed under the tables.

General tips for Blackjack strategy

The most important tips for the correct Blackjack strategy are summarized in simple guidelines:

1: Let the dealer overbuy

If the dealer has a 4, 5 or 6, the likelihood of overbuying increases. Therefore you should draw cards carefully. As long as you play a soft hand, you do not run the risk of suffering the same fate. If the dealer buys too much, you automatically win, no matter what the sum of your eyes is. Nevertheless, you should only double or split if the table says so in order to maximize your profits.