Barely a month after the last automat from Yggdrasil was released, the game forge goes up and releases Big Blox. Big Blox is supposed to mean as much as “big blocks” and big blocks are the ones we find here.

As experienced players, we wonder right away what these blocks are all about and whether you can win something with them. The answer? The blocks consist of four symbols and resemble the symbols up to the size. One block can be imagined as four adjacent symbols.

We have seen this concept recently at NetEnt Thunderkick. So it seems to be something like a trend. But that should not disturb us, because the blocks bring variety and winnings into the game.

What else the machine has to offer and what you should pay attention to when playing, you can find out in this slot machine test!

Technical features

The technical features of a slot machine are important. The developers of Yggdrasil also know this. You can see the modern technology behind the reels when you want to call the rows in which the blocks appear that way.

In this jungle setting you can block what you can, symbols make noise and dust is stirred up. So the best thing about Big Blox is the rocking presentation. Instead of rotating rolls you have cracking blocks here.

For each shoot, there is a large block containing four symbols. This makes winning combinations a lot easier. The 243 pay lines increase the chances of winning even more.

Ensets can be made within the usual range, so no budget is used up too much and there is always a bit of room to move up. Due to the built-in techniques there is rarely a round in which you don’t win anything.

Nice detail: If you sit idly in front of the screen for a while, Hugo knocks on the screen and says, “Hello, someone at home? The fact that the synchronization of the lip movement and the sound is not quite exact doesn’t bother much and contributes to the charm of the machine.

We’ve always caught ourselves hammering the play button in order to make more and more winnings faster and faster. You can also do this on your smartphone, because Yggdrasil’s technology allows you to play on all kinds of devices.

Bonuses and winnings

Big Blox may not be the machine with the biggest jackpot, but it pays like clockwork. Reason for it are the 243 profit ways and the blocks.

The most valuable symbol pays 400 times the coin value, thus 1600 euro maximally. But you can afford a few scoops of ice! What makes winnings like this even more probable are the Wild symbols, which Yggdrasil has kindly placed in the machine.

We already mentioned that blocks are always four symbols in size. That’s not quite true, because sometimes, when the jungle god is gracious and there is enough to eat, the block grows to a 3 by 5 dimension. That makes 15 symbols!

15 symbols? That’s the whole machine! Exactly, because the blocks enlarge when adjacent symbols match the block symbol.

The biggest trick happens when you get a winning line and there is another symbol of the same kind on the same column that already contains a winning symbol. Then this additional symbol plays math and multiplies the winnings!

You can see, there is a lot going on in the jungle and oh the ruins that make up the blocks hide great riches. And riches are what drive us players day after day to do our best at the machine!

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